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Are you exploring Latin American markets to increase your deal flow?

Need to raise capital from foreign investors to launch or scale your startup? 

Want to attract talented partners? Or streamline communications?

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Global success starts with clear communication

Whether you are testing a market, scouting talent,  raising capital, or expanding through investment projects,  navigating different legal systems and business practices and overcoming cultural differences can be time-consuming.  

traducciones financieras


Consejo de la Judicatura Federal
American Translators Association
Organización Mexicana de Traductores
Colegio Mexicano de Licenciados en Traducción e Interpretación
Cambridge Business English Higher Certification

The right partner can make all the difference

My name is Ruth Renner May, and I am the founder and director of Ruth Renner May Translations.


As a native Spanish speaker and an American Translators Association-certified translator with a bachelor's degree in economics and a background in banking and finance, I have provided high-quality English-Spanish legal and financial certified translations for firms like yours since 2011.


I am also a sworn translator authorized by the Mexican Federal Judiciary Council, and I've built a team of skilled and trusted translators who are well-versed in the legal systems of the United States and Mexico to ensure that our translations are approved in the country where they are to be used and valid for any legal proceedings with authorities.

​Together with my team, I help private capital investors, lawyers, and startup founders connect and build lasting partner relationships with expert legal and financial translations that facilitate deal sourcing, due diligence, negotiations, fundraising, cross-border transactions, and investments.​

Our linguistic services offer vital support to any transaction or dealing where business, economics, and law intersect.


We can help you simplify communications with banks, business partners, customers, investors, mentors, or any stakeholder. Whether it's cross-border transactions, deal closing, or compliance matters, our expertise as specialized translators ensures that your message is conveyed clearly, accurately, and with cultural relevance, facilitating a successful business deal or legal outcome. 


We understand civil law concepts, how they vary between countries and the best way to render them for US translations. With our twin specialization in legal and financial translations, we can help you navigate the pitfalls of working across two legal systems and business environments.

Oportunidades de inversión en América Latina

This is how we add value to your project

Why work with us


Why work with me

Why work with me

“Unbeatable quality and rarely seen professionalism; we are very pleased working with Ruth for all our contract translations.”

Fluent in the language of business

Clear, plain-language translations that retain necessary terms of art but shun unnecessary legalese.

Thorough terminology research. You get the right word no matter what.

Term and style validation. We will send you questions about your preferences for terminology and style. This ensures consistency across all your documentation.

Efficient and stress-free translation process

We are easy to reach, quick to respond, and committed to your success.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and urgency, for meeting tight deadlines, We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service possible.

Also, we can deal with different writing styles and terminology and deal with hybrid texts: legal and financial texts, financial texts that are meant to be used for marketing, or economic research documents

Cultural relevance

Express your unique voice In the international arena. 

We can help clients navigate the complexities of working across two legal systems and different languages.

We can also offer localization services to adapt your content to the local market, and make it fit for your audience.

Words, phrases, idioms are paid attention to; date, time, currency, information are adapted to the country’s standards.

Compliance with local regulatory requirements and filing deadlines

We use CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools to translate large volumes more efficiently, ensuring quality and consistent terminology across all your documents.

Feel at ease with prompt, reliable certified translations that have full legal equivalence to the original, are approved in the country where they are to be used and valid for any legal proceedings with Mexican authorities.

Quality assurance: We conduct a careful revision process to produce texts according to high standards

Hiring us means savings in the long term. A bad translation can cost you a client, a project, or even a FORTUNE.
Quality is an asset.

You hire the most talented employees. So, why would you skimp on translation services? A good translation will be cost-effective.

Negocios internacionales

Our clients

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

  • Private Investors

  • Law Firms

  • Corporate Lawyers

  • Startups and Fintech Companies

  • Family Offices

  • Real Estate Investment Firms

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