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Estamos orgullosos de todos los proyectos de éxito en los que hemos trabajado en colaboración con nuestros clientes en los últimos 12 años. Aquí encontrarás algunos ejemplos de nuestro trabajo para que tengas una idea de cómo podemos ayudarte.

peritos traductores autorizados
Terminología jurídica
Análisis económico
Mercados financieros

Legal Translation

Economic Translation

Financial Translation

Real Estate Investment Banking


We translated anti-money laundering (AML) policies, know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, and data protection policies for a crowdfunding institution (70,000 words).

Sometime later, we also helped them with translations of corporate governance documents to comply with FINA's (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) registration requirements.
This crowdfunding institution is already licensed in Mexico and the United States.


Working on this project was very rewarding for us.

Real Estate Investment Banking

We translated feasibility studies carried out by an international consulting firm specializing in the hospitality sector and a branding and management agreement for a five-star hotel brand's luxury residences project in Guanacaste, Costa Rica (86,000 words).

We are delighted to have participated in this emblematic project that will open its doors in October 2024.

E-commerce and online payment platform; financial services institution


We translated the consolidated financial statements of one of Latin America's leading e-commerce and online payment platforms.

The company's portfolio of services includes digital and mobile payment services, advertising services, and online storefront solutions services (25,000 words).

Also, a senior notes indenture of a financial services institution
that offers financial factoring, automotive credit, and pure leasing to small and medium-sized companies (31,000 words).

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