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Hi, my name is Ruth Renner May. I am the founder and director of Ruth Renner May Translations.


I am a native Spanish speaker and an American Translators Association-certified translator with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a background in banking and finance. I am also a sworn translator authorized by the Mexican Federal Judiciary Council


Before pursuing my passion for translation, I worked for 10 years in the banking sector, dealing with foreign exchange, money markets, and wealth management. I also worked as an analyst, preparing weekly reports analyzing the markets and the economy. These roles gave me valuable insights into the workings of financial markets and enabled me to develop an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges faced by investors, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs.


I feel fortunate to have found a career that allows me to marry my passion for language with my keen interest in business, economics, and law. Through my educational and professional journey, I have honed my language proficiency, gained valuable industry knowledge, and amassed experience in the field.


Perito traductor autorizado por el Consejo de la Judicatura Federal

Member of the Mexican Translators Organization

Member of the American Translators Association (ATA)

Authorized by the Mexican Federal Judiciary Council

Certified by the American Translator Association, English-Spanish

Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International

Legal Counsel, Mexico City

“Skilled and committed translator who meets the established deadlines.”

Branding Agency, Mexico City

“We have finally found a translator whom we trust. She knows not only the language but also the technical terms related to different industries such as finance and real estate investments.”

Real Estate Investment Firm, Mexico City

“Unbeatable quality and rarely seen professionalism; we are very pleased working with Ruth for all our contract translations.”

Working with us is easy. Ready to get started?

Simply email your document to us at, and we’ll send you a quote right away.


Or contact us via our Contact page.

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