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Business is business, right?

Business is business, right?

But how do you go about translating this word into Spanish? It can have so many different meanings!

Below are some examples:

Set up a business = montar un negocio

Business is business = los negocios son los negocios

Business as usual = aquí no ha pasado nada

To get down to business = ir al grano, entrar en materia

To resume business activities = reiniciar actividades comerciales

To mean business = decir algo muy en serio

Mind your own business! = ¡no te metas en lo que no te importa!

None of your business = no es asunto tuyo, eso no te incumbe

The best designer in the business = la mejor diseñadora en el ramo/sector

You had no business doing that = no tenías derecho a hacerlo

To be back in business = reanudar actividades comerciales

To lose business = perder clientela

It is my business to tell him = yo me encargaré de decírselo.

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